Endigit WordBattle

Write the fastest WordBattle solver!

Endigit prides itself in writing efficient code.  As a fun exercise we had a competition to see who could write the fastest executing LabVIEW code. The challenge is to find all of the words in a 4 by 4 letter grid.  We had so much fun with it internally that we wanted to share the fun with the world.  Can your code solve the puzzle faster than Endigit?

Download the project, read the WordBattle instructions, and spend all the time you want writing your best solver.

See how your solution compares

We hosted a competition to see who could write the fastest WordBattle solver by NIWeek 2018. The prizes and awardees are listed below.

If you would like to see how your solution compares, submit your code here and we will time your solution.

NI Week 2018

Prizes were offered for the three fastest times from outside Endigit and the first person to beat the Endigit Team time! As previously mentioned, solutions are posted on the leaderboard.

First to beat Endigit Team: Bose QC35 Headphones Unclaimed
1st place: $100 – David Moore (0.536 ms)
2nd place: $50 – Alexey Kovalev (3.1 ms)
3rd place: $25 – Jason Duncan (7.3 ms)

Endigit Times

Endigit Team – 0.188 ms
Shawn Walpole – 0.326 ms
Tanner Ellsworth – 0.712 ms
Robert Mortensen – 1.14 ms
Marty Vowles – 2.52 ms