How Standardization Improves Your Test Systems

A standardized test system is different from the impractical, universal system. The universal system claims to be able to do anything and therefore has to do everything. That is incredibly expensive and not an effective option. A standardized test stand uses a common code base, user interface, and hardware interface. This creates a standard platform for core functionality and allows for customization through software modules and hardware instrumentation to match the needs of the system.



SCPI Makes Life Easy


How many times have you looked for an instrument driver, and find that it doesn’t exist? It happens, and that overwhelming feeling of doom looms overhead. Don’t let that feeling overcome you until you have verified that there is not a SCPI interface. SCPI stands for “Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments.” As the name says there could possibly be a set of standard commands that will help you still be able to control your instrument. Most instruments support SCPI as their protocol, which is lucky for us developers.