Uncommon Signals for ECU/LRU Testers

In making ECU and LRU testers, we come across a lot of common signal types; then there's the rest.  While almost every high channel count system has one or two signals that are fairly unique, even the uniques begin to fall into some common buckets after a while.  These signals usually represent 10% or less of a given system, though nearly 100% of systems have something more custom than not.  It goes without saying that when we find an uncommon signal type - whether it’s on this list or not - we first start by fully assessing the requirements and go from t

Simulation to Minimize Development Risk

You have a legacy control system that needs to be updated to new hardware and software while maintaining the same behavior as the old system. Building a system that simulates the environment of the legacy system can help. For example: if you are creating a new control system for a rocket launch facility, you would create a system that simulates the rocket and the launch facility.

Increasing Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Capabilities


Endigit engineers been doing Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems for over a decade. We recently made a strategic decision to increase our investment in HIL test. One step toward this was hiring National Instruments (NI) HIL Systems Engineer Andrew Heim. Andrew has been working to help NI’s largest HIL customers to be successful in their deployment of complex test systems. Adding Andrew’s experience boosts Endigit’s HIL capabilities.