Software Development

Software Defines the System

Software is the glue that connects instrumentation with devices and users. We create software solutions that provide customers automated test, data acquisition, and control systems to solve the most difficult problems. With years of software development experience, we understand how to create the right architecture for your application. Much of our software is developed using LabVIEW, but we have experience with other languages.

Structured Software Development

At Endigit we have detailed processes and guidelines for developing top quality software. We use a modified Agile methodology to:

  • Define requirements and scope
  • Develop the software
  • Schedule releases 

Our two week sprint cycles consist of:

  • Backlog refinement
  • Planning meeting
  • Standups
  • Development tasks
  • Code reviews
  • Delivery
  • Retrospective



Tools to Aid Software Development

We pride ourselves on being efficient quality programmers. Endigit has developed software tools to help us be more effective in our development. We make some of these tools available to aid others in their programming. These software libraries include

  • Configit: Fast and simple configuration file management tool
  • Transom: A framework for creating, starting and stopping code modules
  • Exitimer: Efficient loop control and timing
  • Endigit Reporting: PDF report builder