Long Term Support and Obsolescence Avoidance

Lower Long Term System Costs

No system is free of bugs or problems. At Endigit, we do our best to develop excellent quality hardware and software, but there will always be problems that need to be resolved in hardware and software. Downtime is costly and Endigit is committed to helping keep downtown to a minimum. We keep your systems running by having plans for support and by proactively analyzing the state of the system to provide recommendations for updates.

Proactive Support

A proactive plan for support includes having a purchase order in place for providing support. Our customers have enjoyed peace of mind by knowing that we can begin working on their systems immediately when there is a problem. There is no need to go through the laborious purchase order process to get urgent support. We can respond immediately to help resolve software or hardware issues.

Obsolescence Review

Hardware and software are easier to maintain and add features to when it is kept up to date. Endigit creates obsolescence avoidance plans with our customers. These plans keep software and hardware up to date. On a yearly basis we review the software versions and analyze the risks of staying with the same LabVIEW or other development tools version. We also analyze the benefits and risks of updating to the newer versions. 

The same process is applied to hardware and instrumentation. Endigit builds on standard modular platforms where instruments can be updated and replaced when they reach their end of life. Keeping systems in a state with readily available off the shelf replacements reduces system costs dramatically. When parts are obsolete the costs and risks of maintaining the system skyrocket.

Contact Endigit to lower overall costs by being proactive with your support and maintenance.

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