IP Blaster - Easy to Use Utility for IP Address Management

IP Blaster is a utility for quickly and easily setting a static IP address on a Windows system.

  • Manually enter new settings and save them for later use.
  • Switch between stored static IP addresses and DHCP with the click of the mouse
  • Quickly view your current IP settings
  • Toggle between settings for different interfaces (i.e. LAN and wireless)
  • Makes CompactRIO and other LabVIEW RT target IP configuration a snap
  • Official support for Windows 7
  • Notification window integration allows for changes without opening a single dialog
  • Unofficial support for previous versions of Windows
  • IP Blaster
  • Version
  • Released August 29, 2012
  • Added context help
  • Added custom icon
  • Added help file and system tray link to it

IP Blaster Walkthrough

Select the interface you want to modify in the drop down box at the top. Your current settings will shows up in “Current Settings”. Modify “New Settings” to your desired settings and press “Set”.

“New Settings” can be saved by typing a profile name in “Profile” and clicking “Save”. You can load a saved profile into “New Settings” by selecting the desired profile in “Profile” and clicking “Load”. Saved profiles can be automatically set by right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting the profile name.

IP Blaster is officially supported on Windows 7 and unofficially supported on other versions of Windows.

To activate IP Blaster, click on the appropriate button on the startup dialog in the 30 day free trial.