Ideas and Reality

Everyone has had a novel idea for how to improve the world at one point or another. However, these ideas often die as a thought scribbled in a notebook or on the back of a napkin. Research is the step of taking a great idea and proving out the concept. Research and engineering often go hand in hand, and as people push the boundaries of the world around us, engineers then take those discoveries and apply them to the world around us. These technical applications lead to new products and services that improve the world around us.

Enabling Progress

One of the most critical steps of research is being able to get your idea off the ground. Many great ideas have been left by the wayside because of the difficulty of turning an idea into reality. At Endigit we specialize in getting new ideas airborne. Molten salt reactors are on the frontier of nuclear energy production and promise significant safety gains over traditional reactors. The BYU TEMP Lab was seeking to measure the thermal conductivity of molten salts used in these reactors to better model their behavior. To enable their research goals Endigit created user friendly software that allowed an operator to run an automated test sequence of triggering a power supply, measuring experiment parameters, logging the data to file, and creating a post-test report. This software controls hardware, that measures resistance in a prototype diamond substrate RTD temperature sensor before and after triggering a power supply to excite a heat source. The automated test also collected thermocouple data through the sequence that researchers used in their heat transfer models to calculate the thermal conductivity of the molten salt. In addition to an automated test sequence, Endigit also provided manual operation controls.

Science Done Right

At Endigit we specialize in helping national laboratories and other research institutions across the country accomplish their goals. Often these institutions have complex ideas that require complex engineering solutions. While the creators of these complex ideas might have some of the skills to make their ideas reality, the teamwork and synergy of hiring professional engineers to design and build professional solutions can often expedite progress towards an ultimate goal. With over 100 years of combined industry experience we can often anticipate and navigate idea killing challenges and deliver high quality solutions custom fit to your needs. Our engineers are experts at creating integrated systems that allow scientists to be the experts in their field and use the outputs of the system to propel their research and discovery of new technologies.   

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