Medical Devices

Life Saving Technology

Advances in medical technology can help save lives and enhance quality of life. The medical device field faces the unique challenge of a rapid development to be first to market, but a very stringent review process to ensure patient safety. Once a product is fielded, making production test of devices as cost-effective as possible is also challenging

Endigit has partnered with developers of X-ray, respiratory therapy, and biomechanical test systems to develop life saving and function restoring technology.

Automating Tests

We at Endigit bring our breadth of industry experience and depth of automated test system development experience to drive success for your project.

Many of the testing needs that are applicable to medical device testing are the same as in other industries. There are electrical and mechanical interfaces that the test equipment excites and measures. Automation sequences and test criteria are common to test equipment across industry.

This is our every day, and we have had the opportunity to practice and hone our skills as we develop these systems. Our experience in LabVIEW has developed to the point that we fill all the top spaces at NI’s fastest LabVIEW programmer challenges. We have brought best practices from the larger software development community to make our code development efficient and high-quality. As always, we have coordinated carefully with our medical device partners to tailor test solutions to their specific needs.

Simulation and Prototyping

One reason we love working with NI hardware and LabVIEW is that it lets us get functional solutions so quickly. That’s an advantage to you because the faster you can prove your concept and get to market, the better poised you are for success.

One of our partners was developing a respiratory treatment product and had selected a set of pneumatic sensors and actuators, but they were not confident they would integrate well into their final product. We were contracted to get them a functional proof of concept and were able to deliver within a day of picking up the hardware. They were then able to take their hardware and our prototype code to a product development firm and field their product quickly.

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