General Engineering

Broad Capabiltities

We focus our sales efforts on our aerospace, defense, medical, and research industries, but we have experience with many different industries. We have the skills to complete any engineering project and won’t turn away from a project that fits our capabilities just because it isn’t within our targeted industries. We have project experience with automotive, oil & gas, materials science, manufacturing, ammunition, and others.

Industry Agnostic Systems

One system that we developed was a remote data acquisition and monitoring system for a plumbing manufacturing company. The system was unrelated to plumbing aside from the sensors that were used. This is also the case with many of the test systems within our core industries. They are systems that automate I/O tests. They are designed specifically to test the hardware needs, but the concepts could be interchanged with materials manufacturing quality test systems or any other industry. Our experience is applicable to any engineering industry.

How our Work Applies to You

There are many things that we do at Endigit. Most of our work is system integration. We integrate hardware with custom software solutions. The most common applications are test automation, control systems, and data acquisition. Automating a test system will improve the efficiency and accuracy of the test. Control systems use custom algorithms to control a device, machine, or actuator. Data is critical for all engineering applications. Data acquisition leads to great data-driven decisions. We also create systems that can visually inspect your product and respond according to what is detected. Simulation is another very useful application that we have experience with. We can simulate the environment that your device will be in so that the functions can be tested under environmental stress.

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