Aerospace & Defense

Flight Systems Reliability

The aerospace industry depends on components and systems functioning correctly. The consequences of a failed part can be catastrophic. Each line replaceable unit (LRU) and shop replaceable unit (SRU) must be fully tested and characterized. Endigit builds test systems for aerospace units for validation, verification, and production. We have built systems to test electronic and electromechanical devices for aircraft including:

  • Gearboxes
  • Flight computers
  • Flight data recorders
  • EMC/EMI testing
  • Flight Termination Systems
  • Telemetry
  • Radar

Testing Flight Termination Systems

Flight termination systems (FTS) are critical components of rockets, missiles, and autonomous flight vehicles. It is key to know that it will perform as needed during flight. Endigit has FTS test solutions for component to system level tests. Our systems can reduce your cost of test while improving test coverage. For a spurious emission test we were able to reduce test times from hours to a few minutes while providing higher resolution testing.

Long Term Sustainment and Obsolescence Avoidance

Flight programs often have long lifecycles. An aircraft that has a long lifecycle, must also have test systems with long term sustainment. Endigit advocates a proactive approach to test system sustainment and obsolescence avoidance. As software and hardware age they become harder and more costly to support. Taking steps to ensure your systems are up to date and supportable will save cost and frustration in the future. A test system that is unsupportable due to unavailable instrumentation is a liability. Endigit designs test systems that are capable of updates to ensure they are always working with off the shelf components. Attain peace of mind by knowing your test system is dependable and supportable.