Validating Quality Claims for Fireproof Safes

"This software lets us demonstrate that our safes actually meet the claimed fire rating"


Liberty Safe needed a data acquisition system in order to test the extent to which their safes are fireproof. The System needed to read and record extremely high temperatures for times lasting up to 2 hours.


We created a simple DAQmx system that read the temperatures using C-series DAQ modules. This was an effective way to prove that their safes last longer than the competitors that claim a similar fireproof duration.


Liberty Safes is a company that values quality. The government doesn't regulate fire ratings for safe's and companies are free to give a specification that is nothing more than a guess, or frankly, even a straight up lie. Liberty did not want to make something up so they decided to put their safes to the test next to some competitors. The design was to enclose their safe and a competitor's in a chamber and start a fire inside. They needed to measure the temperature to ensure that it was staying as hot as a house fire.

The problem was that at Liberty, they are safe and security experts, but they needed an expert in data acquisition. Liberty chose to partner with us as their expert. We were able to quickly put together some software to monitor their high temperature chamber accurately.


We built a basic program that read and logged all of the temperature data over the claimed fire rating times. The hardware had to be set up in such a way that the fire and heat in the test chamber would not ruin the system and that the software could collect accurate and valid data.
A Liberty safe being compared with two competitors in the fire chamber
The data that was acquired was then used to determine if the inside of the safe was not only not on fire, but maintained temperatures that were not harmful to the items that consumers would store in the safe. Though this project had simple software and minimal technical challenges, it created massive impact for the marketability of the liberty safes.
beautiful liberty safe integrated into living room book shelf


Because of the software we wrote, Liberty has been able to prove that the claims they make are true and are more than just a guess. The testing went smoothly and had the results that they were hoping for. By confirming their fireproof standards, they have been able to create a reputation of going above and beyond to ensure excellent quality. Not only has it built up their external relationships, but their is also an added internal confidence. When you know that you are making/selling the best product out there and that your claims are truthful, it is easier to be more fully invested in the company and its products.


  • Valid proof that their products are better than the competitors'
  • Simple-to-use software
  • Build trust with customers
  • Demonstrate Liberty's commitment to quality
  • Create a reputation of going above and¬†beyond the competition


  • Analog Input Module

Software Modules

  • LabVIEW
  • DAQmx

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