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Our customer needed a quick prototype and proof of concept of the software they want to implement on microcontrollers. The software would control the flow and pressure for a CPAP device for premature babies in the NICU.


We created a simple control system using NI data acquisition hardware that allowed them to trace a set point for flow rate or pressure.


Our customer designs and manufacturers medical devices for premature babies in the NICU. They wanted a way to quickly prototype hardware control systems. Rather than using the micro controllers that require much more effort to get started, they wanted to use LabVIEW with its higher abstraction layer and off the shelf NI hardware to achieve a simple iterative process for testing algorithms. Once the algorithms were all set to obtain the desired results, the project would be converted to other electronics for cheaper production and deployment.

The medical device company contacted NI to find a partner that could help them with their prototyping. Due to our reputation of being efficient and having high quality work, NI recommended Endigit to work with them to explore the validity of their improved designs and ideas.


The first part of the process was to create a simple state machine architecture using DAQmx. The first use of the architecture was reading flow rates and adjusting valves to to reach a target rate. Then the target rate was put on a sine or square wave and the valves were controlled to follow the target. Once the results were obtained as desired the algorithm was saved and ready to integrate into a production setup.

Using the same program, but changing the DAQmx initialization for the new set up and replacing the control algorithm, a new part of the project was tested. This time, instead of adjusting the flow rate, inlet and outlet valves were controlled to set the air pressure of the device. There was an added challenge with this part of the project because the valves were solenoid valves so the pressure was increasing or decreasing at a non adjustable rate. Once both the flow rate and pressure were being controlled the way the customer had envisioned, they were able to move the project on to the next stages in implementation.
pneumatics and NI Hardware


The prototyping phase of the project was completed faster than expected and at a much lower cost. This allowed the next stages of the project to be kicked off early. The concept was not only proven, but the required precision and accuracy was far exceeded. We have given our customer an edge over their competitors by using Endigit's programming and systems expertise with their design to help save babies together.


  • Quick prototyping
  • Low cost prototyping
  • Outsourcing allowed the customer¬†to focus on their expertise


  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • Digital Output
  • Pneumatics

Software Modules

  • LabVIEW
  • DAQmx

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