RF Spectral Measurement

Uncommon Signals for ECU/LRU Testers

Andrew - February 11, 2021

In making ECU and LRU testers, we come across a lot of common signal types; then there's the rest. While almost every high channel count system has one or two signals that are fairly unique, even the uniques begin to fall into some common buckets after a while. These signals usually represent 10% or less of a given system, though nearly 100% of systems have something more custom than not. It goes without saying that...
Analog signals

Common Signals for ECU/LRU Testers

Andrew - February 11, 2021

In making ECU and LRU testers, we come across a lot of common signal types. We estimate that these common signals make up at least 80% of every such system. Here's what we see, where we tend to see it, and how we commonly approach acquiring or generating it. (These are expressed from the tester's point of view. Our input is your ECU or LRU's output.) Analog Inputs What is it? An analog voltage or...
Hardware acquisition timing

Data Acquisition Timing Strategies

Haden - February 11, 2021

Engineering data that is properly collected will help you make better decisions in the design, integration, and testing stages of your system. Timing and synchronization are a very important aspect of collecting valuable data. Some of these strategies are general purpose, but others and specific to NI DAQmx.
Old banana plug interface

7 Common Mistakes Made When Replacing the Hardware for a System Update

Haden - February 11, 2021

Mistake #1: Trying to match hardware spec for spec The most common way to replace hardware is to follow the intuitive first step--check the specifications of the hardware that needs to be replaced and look for hardware that most closely matches. The problem with this method is that systems most often need an update due to the hardware being out of date or nearing obsolescence. If you try to match specifications, your closest match will...
Standardized acquisition systems

How Standardization Improves Your Test Systems

Haden - February 11, 2021

A standardized test system is different from the impractical, universal system. The universal system claims to be able to do anything and therefore has to do everything. That is incredibly expensive and not an effective option. A standardized test stand uses a common code base, user interface, and hardware interface. This creates a standard platform for core functionality and allows for customization through software modules and hardware instrumentation to match the needs of the system...
Simulation system wiring

Simulation to Minimize Development Risk

Bryan - February 11, 2021

You have a legacy control system that needs to be updated to new hardware and software while maintaining the same behavior as the old system. Building a system that simulates the environment of the legacy system can help. For example: if you are creating a new control system for a rocket launch facility, you would create a system that simulates the rocket and the launch facility. The simulation system can verify that the new controls...
Work with professionals

9 Benefits to Working with Expert Contractors on your Test or Control System

Haden - February 11, 2021

Avoid pitfalls We have experience with many different systems at Endigit. Many of them have included helping customers recover from devastating pitfalls. and can recognize them before they make a major impact on the project. By avoiding those pitfalls, you can avoid weeks or months of development time by not going back and fixing problems that have propagated through the entire system. Understand capabilities Though there is documentation on almost all hardware and software to...
Assembly language for the Intel 8086

Tactics and Strategies for Updating Obsolete Systems

Bryan - June 12, 2020

I once had a customer ask me for a National Instruments DIO module to replace one that had gone bad. The problem was that the module had not been in production for over 10 years. It was an ISA bus module. I didn't even really know what ISA was. This system was old and had been working correctly, so no updates had been made. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. The problem is...
Never settle for cheap

Cheap Is Not Lower Cost

Bryan - April 29, 2019

Three years ago my neighbors and I and moved into newly built homes. We both were looking to get our yards landscaped, and received quotes from a landscaper who had a great reputation. They had landscaped several homes near us that had incredible yards. The quotes we got were a lot of money. The most disappointing part of the quote was that the landscaper was busy and had several jobs lined up so we would have to wait a couple months to have the work done. A week or so after we got the quote, I got a knock on the door. The man at the door said that he was a landscaper and and was doing my neighbor's yard. He could get the work done that week with a lower cost. I asked for a quote, but he said that he did not do official quotes and just told me a price. The verbal price commitment was a few thousand dollars less than my other quote.

Even if You Don't REGULARLY EXPRESS Yourself Well

Haden - February 28, 2019

What it is A regular expression is a sequence of symbols and characters expressing a string or pattern to be searched for within a longer piece of text. It is a strict search code that must find an exact match according to the regular expression used. You can search for words, numbers or symbols. They can be specific words or numbers, or any given word or number. The concept is used in most coding languages...