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Source Code Control Best Practices at Endigit

Andrew - May 21, 2021

GitLab sent out an email today (as I’m writing) about best practices for source code control for collaboration. GitLab’s five best practices are: Determine a branching strategy Make frequent small changes Write descriptive commit messages Develop using Branches Conduct regular code reviews As I looked over them, I was impressed at how well their best practices aligned with the best practices Endigit had developed internally from our experience. I want to brag on our team...
Using the diff tool

Using LabVIEW's diff tool with SourceTree

Marty - November 13, 2017

Our team is using BitBucket for source code control and the SourceTree app for Windows to interface with our repositories. We've had a couple of small hurdles getting SourceTree to integrate with the LabVIEW diff tool, but here's a solution that's worked for us. (Credit to Paul Lotz on Atlassian's forum, First, download these scripts and place them in a local folder: Diff and Merge Scripts For this example, I'm assuming you'll put them...