Obsolete computer hardware

Process for Updating Legacy Testers

Wes - February 12, 2021

Introduction One simple truth that test and automation engineers know well is that technology is always changing and advancing. Even the most state-of-the-art system today will be obsolete tomorrow. Obsolescence is caused by a number of factors, but regardless of the cause, if you don’t closely support your system, it will eventually become outdated and it will need to be updated. That being the case, it is important to have a good strategy for updating...
Analog signals

Common Signals for ECU/LRU Testers

Andrew - February 11, 2021

In making ECU and LRU testers, we come across a lot of common signal types. We estimate that these common signals make up at least 80% of every such system. Here's what we see, where we tend to see it, and how we commonly approach acquiring or generating it. (These are expressed from the tester's point of view. Our input is your ECU or LRU's output.) Analog Inputs What is it? An analog voltage or...
Standardized acquisition systems

How Standardization Improves Your Test Systems

Haden - February 11, 2021

A standardized test system is different from the impractical, universal system. The universal system claims to be able to do anything and therefore has to do everything. That is incredibly expensive and not an effective option. A standardized test stand uses a common code base, user interface, and hardware interface. This creates a standard platform for core functionality and allows for customization through software modules and hardware instrumentation to match the needs of the system...