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Source Code Control Best Practices at Endigit

Andrew - May 21, 2021

GitLab sent out an email today (as I’m writing) about best practices for source code control for collaboration. GitLab’s five best practices are: Determine a branching strategy Make frequent small changes Write descriptive commit messages Develop using Branches Conduct regular code reviews As I looked over them, I was impressed at how well their best practices aligned with the best practices Endigit had developed internally from our experience. I want to brag on our team...
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You May Be Able to Do It, But Should You?

Bryan - May 18, 2021

Offloading work to experts helps you be more effective at your expertise.
Standard hardware platform

Process for Creating a Standard Hardware and Software Platform

Bryan - March 1, 2021

Large organizations can have many test systems. As the number of products created increases the possibility of increasing test stands also increases. A universal tester that can “test everything” is typically not a good idea. Too many people have tried and failed at creating a universal tester. A standard test platform is a great idea for reducing the cost of testing. Creating a standard platform means selecting instrumentation and tools that can be used across...
Work with professionals

9 Benefits to Working with Expert Contractors on your Test or Control System

Haden - February 11, 2021

Avoid pitfalls We have experience with many different systems at Endigit. Many of them have included helping customers recover from devastating pitfalls. and can recognize them before they make a major impact on the project. By avoiding those pitfalls, you can avoid weeks or months of development time by not going back and fixing problems that have propagated through the entire system. Understand capabilities Though there is documentation on almost all hardware and software to...
Never settle for cheap

Cheap Is Not Lower Cost

Bryan - April 29, 2019

Three years ago my neighbors and I and moved into newly built homes. We both were looking to get our yards landscaped, and received quotes from a landscaper who had a great reputation. They had landscaped several homes near us that had incredible yards. The quotes we got were a lot of money. The most disappointing part of the quote was that the landscaper was busy and had several jobs lined up so we would have to wait a couple months to have the work done. A week or so after we got the quote, I got a knock on the door. The man at the door said that he was a landscaper and and was doing my neighbor's yard. He could get the work done that week with a lower cost. I asked for a quote, but he said that he did not do official quotes and just told me a price. The verbal price commitment was a few thousand dollars less than my other quote.

How to Create a Requirements Document and Nail Your Project

Haden - January 29, 2019

The Importance of Good Requirements Have you ever wanted to have someone do a project for you, and that person couldn't see inside your brain? Was it difficult to write down even when you try? An engineering requirements document is the best way to solve that problem. When a company has a solution that it wants to implement, the requirements document shows what the product must accomplish to be completed successfully. It gives a clear...
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How I Saved My Client over $200k with 15 Minutes of LabVIEW Code

Robert - November 17, 2017

"Sorting this material by hand will take two guys about six months and cost us around $60,000," said my client. Someone on the production line had installed the wrong component leading to one dimension being off enough to be unusable, and 3 million parts had gone through before they realized the problem. Even though only 1 in 22 parts were bad, the whole batch was tainted and headed for scrap unless the good parts could...
Hourly or fixed?

Hourly or Fixed Bid?

Robert - September 8, 2017

At Endigit, our services come in two flavors: hourly and fixed bid. Many factors contribute to deciding which flavor to choose. This article is designed to discuss the benefits of each option in order to help decide which will work best for you. Hourly Hourly work is set up such that Endigit charges a fixed hourly rate for whatever time is spent working for you. The reins are entirely in your hands. You can specify...
Fisnar glue robot

Fisnar Glue Application Robot

Robert - April 1, 2017

We recently had a customer come to us with a request to program a Fisnar I&J7100 robot. We did not have any experience with this robot, but told them that if they couldn't find someone to help then we could learn it. Endigit's best feature is our ability to learn and solve new challenges. Bryan had experience with programming and running CNC machines so he volunteered to take this on. Here is the resulting robot...