Building Automation and Control Network Protocol

BACnet is the ASHRAE Building Automation and Control networking protocol. It is a flexible standard used in building systems such as heating, air conditioning, light control, fire detection, etc. The standard itself is object oriented and lends itself to a LabVIEW implementation.

Endigit has extensive experience with talking to BACnet devices in LabVIEW. We have developed a class-based API natively in LabVIEW that talks over both BACnet-IP and BACnet MSTP and could easily be extended to other BACnet supported interface layers.

LabVIEW Development with BACnet

Endigit can provide the LabVIEW development of your BACnet system. If you need to add other measurements like high speed analog measurements along with the control system we can provide the LabVIEW expertise to augment your system.