Turn-Key Solutions

Delivering a Full System

Whether you need an automated test system, a control system, or anything in between, Endigit can provide you with the full system delivered and integrated to do exactly what you want. Unlike the common situation of delivering a part that integrates into a bigger system, these turn-key solutions don’t require integration after they are delivered.

Standardized Turn-Key Solutions

Standardization of test systems within an organization is a great way to increase efficiency. Most people stick to a software suite like Microsoft or Adobe because these suites have consistency and increased ease-of-use rather than using a mixed bag of tools. Your test fleet can have that same familiar feel and function. Turn-key solutions work very well when you have established a standard. Endigit can build you a  solution that fits within a standard. We have an effective process for defining standards and have helped companies define their hardware and/or software standards.

Delivering your Ideal Solution

As your partner, our goal is joint success. By delivering a turn-key solution, we can help you avoid pitfalls, lower your cost, add valuable perspective, and get the job done sooner. We will help you make sure the requirements are well defined for a complete system and we will deliver the ideal solution. Endigit will ensure that your project is done and done right.

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