Machine Vision

Ever Improving Technology

As cameras and computers increase in capabilities, machine vision systems are able to increase our understanding of the world. The image resolution and computer processing speeds continue to increase allowing for precise measurements to be made while analyzing high-speed data. We can better measure athletic performance, provide more accurate inspection of parts and PCBs, implement safety procedures, and improve control systems. 

Vision-Based Quality Assurance

Endigit excels at creating machine vision systems across a range of industries. One of the systems that we worked on was a quality inspection machine. It analyzed and inspected hundreds of thousands of manufactured parts. The system was working well when a manufacturing issue occurred that tainted a small percentage of a large batch of parts.. We were able to quickly add measurements and identify the bad parts and remove them. The adjustments made a major impact on the efficiency of the system.

No More Manual Inspection

The capabilities of machine vision far exceed what most people might expect. Vision based software can inspect a large variety of items. PCBs are a common use case for machine vision. The layout of the exterior can be easily inspected at a high speed and all leads and connections can be verified. Other manufactured parts that have very tight tolerances like bearings or bullet casings are good candidates. Another very interesting application is food manufacturing. The fat content in meats or count of chocolate chips can be confirmed to ensure the highest quality foods going out to consumers. Machine vision inspection accuracy and precision while doing so at a rate up to thousands of times faster than manual inspection.

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