HIL Testing

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing allows testing control systems in safe and controlled environments. Creating models of the controller and its operating environment allows verification testing of the model before going into production. As the design moves from model to hardware, the controller hardware can be tested against the environmental models.

Simulating a Missile Launch

A rocket launch must execute perfectly. Each component of the launch can be tested individually, but also must be tested as a system. Simulating the launch of a rocket or ICBM is a complex task. Endigit worked with a customer to build a simulation system to test ICBM launches. We built a missile-on-a-bench system that had hardware components along with modeled components to simulate a test launch. This simulation helped verify that the system components would work correctly in a real launch. See more at this link here that has Andrew’s magic writing.

Signal Types

An important part of HIL systems is the ability to simulate every signal in the system. Many of these signals are standard and have simple ways to simulate them. For example:

  • Analog I/O
  • Discrete I/O
  • Frequency I/O
  • LVDT
  • CAN
  • 1553
  • ARINC-429

Others don’t have simple ways to emulate. Endigit has built custom interfaces and can build new ones for you.


Leverage Endigit's HIL experience to improve your testing processes