Core Values



Endigit's top core value revolves around collaboration, teamwork and respect for others. There are no disruptive egos at Endigit. We all have a willingness to see others' perspectives and ask for help when needed. Humility is not timidity. It requires being candid with coworkers and customers in order to get the best from everyone.



Endigit values excellence in all that we do. We are driven, responsible, are constantly learning and take great pride in our workmanship. Our excellence drives us to always look for a better way of doing something, to go the extra mile and not be content with "good enough." We work hard, we learn, we achieve, and we find satisfaction in doing so.



At Endigit, we embody Einstein's aphorism "as simple as possible, but not simpler." We are able to cut to the core of an issue, discern its underlying principles, simplify it and make it efficient. Discernment manifests itself in how well we troubleshoot and innovate. We are able to "get" things quickly, make good decisions, and maintain balance and moderation in our priorities and responsibilities.



Endigit is out to reinvent the world. We are not only excellent, but are driving to push that excellence higher and in new ways. We are visionary, fearless, bold and imaginative. We think outside current paradigms and seek to change Endigit's stars though audacious dreaming and striving.

Our Team

Robert Mortensen

Principal Systems Engineer, President

After starting his career at National Instruments supporting, teaching and developing LabVIEW, Robert Mortensen decided he liked using LabVIEW more...

Bryan Heslop

Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Staff Systems Engineer

Bryan first discovered he was a megageek in a college physics class when he got way too excited about tesla...

Marty Vowles

Vice President of Engineering, Senior Systems Engineer

Marty graduated from the University of Utah with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in mechatronics and...

Jake Hansen

Associate Systems Engineer

Jake has a degree in applied physics from Brigham Young University. During his time at BYU he was involved with...

Blake Ewton

Systems Engineer

Blake knew from a young age he wanted to be an engineer. Growing up he was always building something. Taking...

Emily Mortensen

Benefits Manager

Emily graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science and then continued on to do her most important...

Haden Heath

Associate Systems Engineer, Business Development Engineer

Haden developed an interest in problem solving and looking for opportunities to innovate while studying at Brigham Young University. He...

Tanner Ellsworth

Associate Systems Engineer

Tanner’s first taste of software development was writing programs for his TI-84 calculator, and his appetite for engineering was whetted...

Andrew Heim

Staff Systems Engineer

Although Andrew wrote his first programs in GW Basic in the early 90s, he took until LabVIEW 2009 to write...

Sam Hayden

Associate Systems Engineer

Sam's love for mountain biking led him to study mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. His goal was to design...

Jason Lefler

Project Manager

Jason started as an Audio Engineer in 2001 recording, editing and mixing music. He eventually moved into a Producer role...

Mark Peterman

Systems Engineer

Mark launched his career at National Instruments where he acquired LabVIEW, DAQ, and other technical skills. He took on roles...

Wes Pierce

Senior Systems Engineer

Wes has always been an eager learner with an ever-increasing array of interests. Following graduaton from Texas A&M University with...

Derek Bischoff

Associate Systems Engineer

Derek has worked among engineers since he was in high school where he started an internship at an aluminum casting...

Karen Allred

Office Manager

Karen has always loved planning, organizing, and keeping things running smoothly. One of her top future career choices as a...