10 Second Hang on Application Close? Problem Solved

If your LabVIEW application hangs when you close it, it is very frustrating. No one wants to wait for their application to close. It is hard to debug because it often happens when most of the program has already closed out. What is even more frustrating is that your program doesn't hang every time.

If you have serial communication in your application. That may be the problem. If your application close/clean up VI calls VISA Close on a VISA reference that never made a connection, it will hang for a 10 second timeout.

If you have serial hardware, but you are running the application without a connection, then you will have this problem. 

The good news is that you are in luck. The solution is quite simple - Check if the VISA Task wire is an empty string/path. If true, don't perform the VISA Close.

LabVIEW check before a VISA Close


Haden Heath

Systems Engineer II, Business Development Engineer

Haden developed an interest in problem solving and looking for opportunities to innovate while studying at Brigham Young University. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Business Management minor. During his schooling he worked on projects including a LabVIEW VI built to determine thermal properties using fluorescence from green lasers and a bullet-proof barrier for law enforcement that can be folded down and stored in the trunk of a vehicle.

Haden joined the Endigit team in 2018 immediately following his graduation from BYU and hopes to help expand the business while developing LabVIEW software.

Haden enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, especially when doing outdoors activities. Hiking, camping, boating, hunting, and sports are among his favorite activities.

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