For a while my wife kept talking to me and encouraging me to eat healthier so I could lose a little weight. It seems easy enough right? Just eat healthier food. All you have to do is plan out some meals that have the right balance of the needed nutrients. I can do that. Anyone can do it.

Unfortunately, it takes more effort than I have been willing to put into it. It takes planning, preparation, and work. I am a pretty talented eater, but I am not great at planning meals. This does not support healthy eating. It leads to lots of chips and cheese with a can of beans on top. This strategy keeps me alive, but doesn’t keep me healthy.

An expert would enable me to be healthier and more efficient. While my efforts appeared to be successful (I didn’t starve to death), I was not getting the most benefit from eating. I brought in an expert to plan and prepare most of my meals. All I have to do is grab the right food at the right time and eat it. Having an expert has enabled me to get better results and allows me to spend my energy on things I am good at.

What tasks and projects are you doing that you should hire an expert for? The challenge with being an engineer or scientist is that we can do a lot of things. But are we able to do them cost effectively? I am able to make food to keep me alive, but with my competing priorities I wasn’t doing it well. 

What is your main expertise? How much of your time do you spend doing what you are best at? Are you spending more time engineering chips and cheese with a can of beans? I suggest it may be time to bring in experts to allow you to maximize your expertise. Endigit can be your systems engineering experts. We develop hardware and software solutions to enable your engineering needs. 

If you are a research scientist and need data collection or control during your experiments, then Endigit can develop the data acquisition or control system to enable you to work on experiment design and analysis.

Endigit recently did a project for a professor and graduate students at Brigham Young University developing new technology for measuring temperature in molten salt reactors. We developed the software and data acquisition system. Dr. Troy Muro said:


“Working with Endigit was fantastic. After I first reached out, they lined me up with an applications engineer to talk about potential hardware for the project and how to integrate it with LabVIEW to accomplish all the functions we needed. The software was delivered on time and has been very user friendly for undergraduate students to use. When we needed some alterations, the team was easy to work with and the cost was reasonable. Using Endigit shaved months off the development time of the project.”

Another example is the TREAT reactor at Idaho National Laboratory. Endigit worked with their nuclear engineers to update the automatic reactor control system. They were able to focus on the physics and their expertise while we developed the control system. Our expertise complemented theirs allowing them to get a well designed and executed system. No more chips and cheese for them.


Bryan Heslop

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Human Resources, Staff Systems Engineer

Bryan first discovered he was a megageek in a college physics class when he got way too excited about tesla coils (most people figured it out much sooner). Bryan worked as a machinist programming and operating CNC lathes while attending Brigham Young University. He earned a degree in Computer Engineering with a Business Management minor in 2008. After graduation Bryan moved to Austin, Texas to work at National Instruments. He worked as an Applications Engineer in the Engineering Leadership Program for 2 years then spent 1 year in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a Field Sales Engineer. He then moved back home to Utah and worked as District Sales Manager for National Instruments where he managed NI’s large accounts in Utah like Hill Air Force Base, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, OrbitalATK and L-3.

At Endigit Bryan is responsible for sales and marketing. As a Certified LabVIEW Architect, he also works as a Systems Engineer doing LabVIEW development.

Bryan enjoys everything about water (boating, swimming, rock skipping, drinking, etc.), riding ATVs, comedy writing, exploring the mountains around his home and dreams of going to space.  He also serves as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical responder in his community.

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