9 Benefits to Working with Expert Contractors on your Test or Control System

Avoid pitfalls

We have experience with many different systems at Endigit. Many of them have included helping customers recover from devastating pitfalls. and can recognize them before they make a major impact on the project. By avoiding those pitfalls, you can avoid weeks or months of development time by not going back and fixing problems that have propagated through the entire system.

Understand capabilities

Though there is documentation on almost all hardware and software to define its capabilities, there is often a deeper understanding needed about how these components work together. A contractor will better understand those relationships and understand the limits of a system based on component selection. This can lead to a better hardware setup from the start allowing for more efficient and capable integration.

Ideal Solutions

Engineers are really good at finding a solution. When a project is done internally, the team will usually use tools, processes, and ideas that they are already familiar with. If automated test or control systems are not your specialties, you may be able to find a solution using tools that are not optimized for your system. A contractor has experience with creating many similar systems. We have seen enough systems to find and test the best tools. This will give you a scalable and time-proven system.

Better defined requirements

We often have potential customers drag their feet because they are not familiar with the decision making process to successfully plan and create requirements for a complicated test or control system. Taking a project from a top-level view and then breaking it down to its smallest pieces and developing requirements is not as simple as it sounds. There are so many considerations and complications--many of which, an inexperienced individual would unknowingly overlook. The best way to be successful in this endeavor is to join forces with someone who has completed this task many times before. We have found that the earlier Endigit becomes involved in a project, the more successful it turns out.


It is very common within an organization to have an entire team who shares a limited view on the project. The company culture, project background, or team skill set can control the team’s view of the project by bringing in a contractor, you are bringing in a new view and paradigm on the project. They can share insights from experience across the industry and discover something that could change or simplify the design in a way that could improve the functionality, ease-of-use, maintainability, or scalability.

Lower Cost

A contractor is often seen as a more expensive way to complete the project. It feels like it is free if done internally and tens- to hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire an expert. However, the lost opportunity cost for employees to complete other tasks and projects can be much higher than the cost of hiring an expert.. It will also be done better by a contractor which means it won’t have to be redone in a year when it proves to be too difficult to add a feature, or a design flaw is discovered. It is very important to remember that cheaper isn’t always lower cost.

Done Faster

Of course, when you add people to a team the work can be divided amongst more people. This theoretically leads to the work being done faster. But a less obvious factor in speed is that a contractor will be an expert system designer/integrator. With more experience comes more efficiency and therefore a more quickly completed project.

Separate team focused on completing tasks while you keep efforts coordinated across projects

Your system is usually part of an even larger program. A contractor will bring a team who won’t be distracted by other parts of the program. Distractions are inefficiencies that come up because there is a lack of focus. A contractor will have greater focus on the system at hand and will get the work done according to the scope and schedule determined at the program level.


As a contractor, our goal is to partner with our customers for joint success. A major part of that is giving consulting advice within our area of expertise. Rather than doing the project alone, a good contractor will involve you throughout the process. Endigit will ensure that your project is done and done right.


Haden Heath

Systems Engineer II, Business Development Engineer

Haden developed an interest in problem solving and looking for opportunities to innovate while studying at Brigham Young University. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Business Management minor. During his schooling he worked on projects including a LabVIEW VI built to determine thermal properties using fluorescence from green lasers and a bullet-proof barrier for law enforcement that can be folded down and stored in the trunk of a vehicle.

Haden joined the Endigit team in 2018 immediately following his graduation from BYU and hopes to help expand the business while developing LabVIEW software.

Haden enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, especially when doing outdoors activities. Hiking, camping, boating, hunting, and sports are among his favorite activities.

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