Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an effective method of helping inexperienced individuals (or a mentee) develop and progress in their profession. It is also to help the new employee quickly absorb the organization’s cultural and social norm.

Here, at Endigit, we understand the importance of mentoring our junior engineers and value the knowledge sharing of our senior engineers. We consider mentoring a business relationship where both mentor and mentee enjoy the journey.

A successful, mentor-mentee relationship start with:

Getting to know each other
Keeping communication open
Creating a relationship of trust. Be honest
Mutual respect
Clearly defining roles and responsibilities
Defining expectation
Establishing short- and long-term goals
Collaboratively solving problems
Offering support
Staying positive
Acknowledge the work that goes in
Keeping the momentum going

With mentoring, the mentees can learn and grow under the mentor’s guidance and become stronger and more intentional in their teaching.

Some other benefits are:

Mentees receive help in achieving career goals
Mentees get guidance for making business decisions
Mentees get advice in the workplace on how to tackle challenging situations
Mentors can help with mentee’s career and skill development
Mentors can assist in ethical and moral guidance
Mentors can help with assistance in navigating professional settings, institutions and structures

At Endigit, our senior and staff engineers mentor our junior engineers to ensure the success of our business and to maintain our company’s culture. We value the knowlege that our junoir engineers bring to the team, the growth of our team and the importance of sharing and discussing ideas in a professional environment. Mentoring has helped everyone in the team to preserve and improve that culture.