Building custom DAQ systems with COTS hardware.

Data Acquisition Systems

Data acquisition (DAQ) systems are all around us. They are in our factories, vehicles, bridges and structures. DAQ systems help us gain information about the world around us by measuring signals like voltage, current, pressure, strain, temperature, and speed. This data can be logged analyzed to gain better understanding of our world. As we collect and analyze data we can improve efficiencies and reduce maintencance costs with machine condition monitoring.

Endigit Advantage

Endigit builds data acquisition systems with National Instruments CompactDAQ, CompactRIO and PXI hardware that efficiently collects, analyzes, and logs your data. Our custom DAQ solutions have been deployed in farm equipment, aircraft, manufacturing lines, and more.

We can quickly develop your custom DAQ system using COTS hardware that provides lowest cost and highest flexibility.

Endigit makes a contribution to the world by helping our customers increase efficiency and improve products. We do this by providing LabVIEW software development along with data acquisition, automated test, and embedded monitoring and control systems.